Flight Song

Center for Strategic Art and Architecture, Surround sound, Mixed media on archival prints, 2014

( listen to soundtrack under the Audio Collage menu)

Approaching Bushwick's Silent Barn as a natural ecosystem unto itself, I spent a few months making field recordings of creaks, murmurs and disembodied voices from within the renowned DIY arts center. Weaving these strands of sound together, Flight Song traverses time and re-mixes architecture and space to create a sonic landscape by using the tools of ornithology and zoology.

The surround sound installation is accompanied by mixed-media works on paper that draw inspiration from modernist architecture and discarded urban detritus such as lost coins and molted feathers. Together these disparate elements transform notions of the visual and the auditory into delayed reminders of each other.

Flight Song featured a series of live performances with musicians and composers engaging with the sound installation.

(video coming up soon)