Borrowed Light

Comissioned by More Art, Sound, Wood, Sand, Sunset Park, 2015

(listen to the soundrack under the Audio Collage menu)

For Borrowed Light I worked with Sunset Park’s stewards to gather data on the park’s local fauna. I collected field recordings of these native species and created a layered soundscape for the installation. The soundtrack is played from speakers embedded in the sculpture, and park visitors are invited to engage with both sound and sculpture.

The project’s sculptural element forms a small architectural environment, acting as a focal point and physical marker for the presence of the less material sound piece. Drawing on the remnants of a Modernist vocabulary, using forms that are anchored in a utilitarian past, the sculpture echoes the grid lines of the city, and creates a kind of drawing in space.

Borrowed Light is part of  my continued investigation into alternative relationships between sound, image and audience. The project also featured a series of community workshops that used the sculpture and sound as a stage-set and  readymade environment to experiment with and build on.

(see video documentation of the sound and music workshop under the Video menu)