Bird Houses

Sari Carel & The Museum of Commerce, 3 Stereo Audio collages, Mixed media on archival Prints, La Mama Gallery, 2013

(listen to the soundtracks under the Audio Collage menu)

From the exhibition press release:

"In this show Sari Carel focuses on fragments of the wild shimmering within the urban environment. An audio piece is built from the songs of three bird species endemic to New York: the Black Rail, an endangered species, the Pregerine Falcon - also at risk - but making an encouraging comeback, and the Red Tailed Hawk, a species that has learned to thrive among highrise buildings, traffic, and rushing pedestrians. A related series of works on paper rhythmically repeat a found image of cartoon birds, slowly enveloping them in malignant geometric growth. Drawing out an open-ended and fluid relationship between sound and image, Carel’s project explores parallel themes of extinction and regeneration, as well the endless mutation and overarching demise of Modernism’s ideals."